Tuesday, February 1, 2011

C&I 579 Post 1

For my C&I 579 Ed Tech Class I have been scouring the web reading Educational Blogs.  One I have stumbled upon and am now Following religiously is The Innovative Educator.  Reading a post from February 1: "Why “The Race to the Top” is nothing but a race back to the 20th century, I was intrigued by Marc Prensky's ideas regarding Education Reform and how to make it more authentic for our students.  In the post, The Innovative Educator suggests we move away from "The 3 R's" towards Prensky's offer of "The 3 C's":
"Marc Prensky shares some smart ideas in his latest piece, “The Reformers Are Leaving Our Schools in the 20th Century - Why most U.S. school reformers are on the wrong track, and how to get our kids’ education right for the future.” In it he shares some big ideas about ed reform that sound much different than what we’ve been hearing lately in national conversations.  Prensky suggests we replace the current three “R’s” (readin’, ritin’ rithmetic) with the “3 C‟s”: Character and Passion, Communication and Problem Solving, and Creation and Skills. I’d explicitly add Publishing and Sharing authentically  (sorry couldn’t think of a “C”).  While he does have that embedded in the other components, I think it should stand at the forefront."

I posted a reply to this article in which I offered my 2 cents:

jaycpercell said...

Great article. We need more voices advocating for Authentic Ed Reform, not just ed reform.
How about calling them "The 3 P's: Passion, Problem Solving, Publishing and Sharing"?

Keep up the good work!
Overall, I thought this was an intriguing article, and I agree with the Innovative Educator that Prensky's thoughts on Education Reform are refreshing and novel.  I hope to see more ideas like them implemented  wherever possible.

Well done Innovative Educator!
Keep 'em coming!


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