Wednesday, March 23, 2011

C&I 579 Reflection 2

The skills and concepts that I continue to learn in C&I 579 are so thick and so dense it sometimes feels as though I am drowning in an ocean of new knowledge.  Specifically, and lately, I have learned an important lesson about the importance of analysis and synthesis in doctoral writings.  Being an emergent doctoral student, this is a skill I will continue to hone throughout this process.  Although I don't expect to have it mastered by tomorrow, hopefully it will not be forgotten.

What will also not be forgotten tomorrow that has been incredibly valuable so far are the connections I have begun to make with educators in the blogosphere and in the world of educational technology.  It is exciting to foster these new and emerging relationships, and there is no telling exactly what great accomplishments they will ultimately lead to.  But it's exciting to think about...

As for application for my future teaching, I am excited for the Ed Tech Project, to nail down a concrete unit or lesson for my students to engage in and begin exploring the world of educational technology themselves.  While I don't have all of the details in place yet, ideas are swirling and forming in my imagination, and I am hopeful that the final product will be useful and valuable in my future endeavors.

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