Wednesday, June 15, 2011

C&I 438 Blog Post 2

So far, I have really been enjoying 438.  The entire framework that Dr. Toledo has created is an excellent model for how to run an organized and efficient online class.
Furthermore, many of the concepts that we have encountered, through the readings, discussions, podcasts, and especially the embedded videos, have been thought provoking and challenging.  Particularly - the notion that the current public educational system in this country is woefully outdated.  We, as inspiring and enlightened educators need to utilize 21st century tools and methods in order to prepare our students to succeed in a 21st century society.  The strategies and online CMS platforms that we are learning are helping us to do this.

Previously, and thanks largely to C&1 579 - Educational Technology - I already had a working knowledge of Web 2.0 tools and Wikis.  However, this course is allowing me to explore them more completely, as I use them to create my own online course to teach.  

Tomorrow, I will certainly not forget the importance of making education fun and relevant to our students' lives, especially through the use of technology and web 2.0.


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  2. Jay,

    It's not about the technology, is it? It's all about student engagement and growth - you're a prime example!

    Dr. T