Wednesday, September 14, 2011

C&I 489.05 Journal 1

As I am onto another whirlwind Ed Tech course with Captain Toledo, I will be journaling throughout the course of the semester, and this is my first entry.

Thinking back on a meaningful assignment that we have completed so far, I certainly enjoyed putting the Video Remix together.  Collaboration with my classmates was certainly critical to completing this, as Sara gave us some incredibly helpful tips on how to easily rip video off the internet.  From there, continuing the (paramount) process of educating myself in iMovie was very enjoyable for me - and I am happy with my final Video Remix.

Going forward, my task will now be to quickly rip and file videos that I often return to in my teaching and practice, just in the event that they may one day no longer appear.  I am very grateful to have been assigned this project and look forward to using my newfound skills all the more.

Another aspect of the collaborative process surrounding this project was the opportunity to assist my peers with their own projects, particularly how to use iMovie.  I know all too well the frustration of not be able to get it to work when you are new to the software, and it was nice to be able to help my classmates through some of that - and to continue to learn new aspects of the program in the process!

You can see my final Video Remix by following this link.  Enjoy!

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