Wednesday, October 19, 2011

C&I 489.05 Journal 3

At this point in Emerging Technologies, one thing that is increasingly relevant is the personal nature with which I am connecting to and implementing these technologies in my own life and teaching.  It may seem like baby steps, but slowly and surely technology is taking hold of how I operate on a daily basis.

I now use Google Chrome exclusively (or almost exclusively) as a result of this class.

I am preparing to submit a poster proposal for ICE - and very nervous and excited about it!

I attempt to open my students' eyes to the realm of technology (emergent and otherwise) that will be present when they enter the teaching ranks.  Admittedly, this is not too challenging of a task.  While not necessarily cognizant of the depth of technology's impact on education at first, the majority of them seem very open and accepting of the idea.  They are used to technology and they like it.

I am continuing to gain from this class, and I am excited about some of the emerging technologies on the horizon, like Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.  Can;t wait!

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