Monday, October 31, 2011

C&I 489.05 Journal 4

I'm very excited because, as prompted by Dr. Toledo, I have just finished submitting my first poster proposal (or any proposal) to present at a major educational conference - Illinois Computer Educators (I.C.E.) in the spring of 2012.  I am currently feeling the nervous joy of anticipation as I bask in the glory of having actually submitted the proposal, the mild curiosity of wondering if it will be accepted, and wondering about what it will be like to actually follow through and present if, indeed it is accepted.  At any rate, I am very hopeful and eager at these prospects, and hope that they will only continue to become more commonplace throughout my career.

Additionally, one thing which made this possible was that the idea for my proposal came from a course I had with Dr. Toledo two semesters ago.  In that the course was managed on a Wikispaces platform, I still had access to the information there, and was able to go back and retrieve the necessary information to complete my proposal.  This is an added benefit of using Wikis, that they are permanent for students to access even semesters (or years) afterwards.

Thanks, Dr. T!

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