Sunday, June 26, 2011

C&I 438 Blog Post 3

What I like best about this course, and really, why technology has the capability to make Education so authentic, is that the hands-on nature creates a sense of permanence.  Sure, the readings are interesting supplements and necessary, but the real learning has occurred as I have been creating my Course Management System and preparing to produce my own online class.  No amount of reading could compete with actually doing it.  When I have run into problems, it's up to me to fix them - and it isn't as if I'm all alone.  My best resources are my own classmates, who I have leaned upon, and beyond that, I can access my entire Personal Learning Network.

I certainly appreciate the organized framework that Dr. Toledo has set up.  It has allowed us to be successful.  Were the assignment just: Go create a CMS, even with my prior knowledge of WIkis, the task would be daunting.  Dr. Toledo has broken each component down and allowed us to create the CMS step by step, and it has proved to be a highly effective strategy.  I will remember this step by step procedure and attempt to implement it when I teach online courses myself.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

C&I 438 Blog Post 2

So far, I have really been enjoying 438.  The entire framework that Dr. Toledo has created is an excellent model for how to run an organized and efficient online class.
Furthermore, many of the concepts that we have encountered, through the readings, discussions, podcasts, and especially the embedded videos, have been thought provoking and challenging.  Particularly - the notion that the current public educational system in this country is woefully outdated.  We, as inspiring and enlightened educators need to utilize 21st century tools and methods in order to prepare our students to succeed in a 21st century society.  The strategies and online CMS platforms that we are learning are helping us to do this.

Previously, and thanks largely to C&1 579 - Educational Technology - I already had a working knowledge of Web 2.0 tools and Wikis.  However, this course is allowing me to explore them more completely, as I use them to create my own online course to teach.  

Tomorrow, I will certainly not forget the importance of making education fun and relevant to our students' lives, especially through the use of technology and web 2.0.